Sanjay Ahirwal
Sanjay Ahirwal
Sanjay Ahirwal

Sanjay Ahirwal

Managing Editor
How do you tell the story of a great storyteller?
Sanjay Ahirwal has spent 28 years in the midst of historic and world changing events. His vast experience as a journalist is a saga of social and political drams.
Sanjay's role at NDTV Worldwide requires him to train senior editorial personnel, editorial teams, specifically in the art of storytelling, reporting and organizing editorial workflows.
In his words, "A journalists has to be where the story is." And Sanjay has spent his life being in the thick of things.
The first real war he covered was Kargil followed by Afghanistan, Beirut, Palestine and Iraq. Then there were stories to be told from Politics and Parliament. From elections.
There were calamities, some natural, others man-made. Tsunami, earthquakes, droughts, accidents. To quote him, "We had to be there, to provide on the spot reports for our viewers. To ask questions. Tough questions. Fix responsibilities and accountability."
He firmly asserts that a journalist's responsibility is first to the viewer.
A belief that eventually led him to become executive editor of NDTV India.
Sanjay, loves his kids, his dogs, football and a good laugh; His days as a journalist, often fraught with danger have taught him the value each.
So, how do you tell the story of a storyteller?
We can't.
But if you get the chance, don't miss the opportunity to hear from him, some of the grand stories that are his life's work.