Shayne Prithi Singh

Shayne Prithi Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Gifted at sizing up a situation, Shayne sees things as they are. No wonder he’s one of our favourite sounding boards here at NDTV Worldwide.

His 20 years in television include producing one of India’s first car shows. He was also part of the team that designed and built the first ‘OB’ Vans in India for which they received a CBA Award for Innovative Engineering. He can lay claim to successfully setting up and operationally running several television channels in India and abroad.
Shayne’s advice and inputs are highly prized by our clients. He is rooted in reality, whether it’s about setting up a complete channel or auditing and training an existing workforce.

He brings us back to the ground, often with a hard crash, just when we are flying high on an unrealistic idea. We aren’t quite sure whether it’s his love for deep-sea diving that’s responsible for his need to always delve deeper or if it’s the other way around.

Shayne is expressively passionate about motorbikes and deep-sea diving. It’s hard to miss the way he lights up at the mention of either. And he is just as enthusiastic about getting a job well done today as on the first day he produced a car show with just one camera!