Rupendra Patel

Senior UI/UX Designer

Rupendra is a creative, passionate and focused UI/UX designer with expertise in UI/UX & web design, front-end development scripts, conceptual interfaces, corporate brand standards. Illustrating icons, organizing data, building user flows, designing mock-ups and implementing a UI pattern library.

With over 11 years’ experience behind him, Rupendra helps us in interpreting and translating ideas into visuals. He develops and maintains new and existing product screens by utilizing HTML5, CSS3, XML, JQuery and JavaScript.

What Rupendra doesn’t like is to be labelled as a UI/UX designer or web designer or front end developer.  Instead, he says, he wants to be the right combination of all of the above.

He’s also shown ability to lead teams and mentor his colleagues. Much to our delight Rupendra shows immense initiative in delivering high quality work under tight deadlines.

He keeps himself updated by learning about latest technology and spends his free time listening to the best songs.