Ravinder Kumar Yadav

Ravinder Kumar Yadav

IT Executive

Ravinder looks after NDTV Worldwide’s IT infrastructure. We often call him the savior as he always manages to retrieve our data from a crashed drive or get us out of a “Microsoft moment”! He has worked with Bank of America and HP prior to joining us.

Ravinder is a humble soul. He loves listening to music & can always be found sporting a smile, his headphones plugged in. Waking up to yellow mustard fields with birds chirruping is how he starts his day and when we drive back to our four walls in the concrete jungles of Delhi and the NCR, Ravinder goes home to have dinner in a courtyard under the stars. We sincerely believe the everlasting smile & the happy attitude is because of the amazing life he leads.

An ardent sports fan, Ravinder takes his daily dose of badminton very seriously. He is our in-house champ and we often find everyone playing doubles waiting to team with him. Weekends are devoted to playing football & cricket.

When Ravinder gets time off from sport, he enjoys researching on newer technologies and coming up with innovating ideas.