Nehal jain

Nehal Jain

Senior Manager and Financial Controller

We are lucky that our ‘Finance guy’, is actually such a great guy.
(We’d have to be nice to him even if he wasn’t, right?).

Nehal, looks after all our financial functions with vision, efficiency and fairness. We often look to him for solutions both finance related and otherwise.
He is responsible for all finance decisions, Audits and MIS functions of NDTV Worldwide. He also oversees Corporate MIS functions for NDTV Ltd.

At NDTV, his various initiatives for the enhancement of corporate function and policies have been highly productive. His lightening fast rise in our financial team’s hierarchy bear testimony to his commitment and acumen in the field.

Before joining us he was with TV Today Network Ltd which owns Aaj Tak.

A traveler, a gamer and at times a philosopher the advice he gives and follows is, “Forget the problems you’ve faced, but never the lessons they’ve taught.”
That’s a nugget of advice we would do well to invest in.

Ah yes, he would like to state for the record that cricket and boxing used to be his passions, but have now had to step aside for cuisine. Aneesh, fortunately, doesn’t show it around the waistline, because his vigilant wife hasn’t let him hack the refrigerator.