Jithin James

Jithin James

iOS Developer

Jithin’s with NDTV Worldwide as iOS Developer after having gained experience in iOS development from MicroObjects and Reubro International. He’s part of the software team that is constantly pushing boundaries and helping us develop world class iOS apps.

Jithin switched careers after doing his Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the FISAT college in Angamaly, Kerala. In 2012, a year after being an engineer, he moved into software development because of what he says was ‘inner passion.’

He also keeps himself updated all the time with all the latest in the mobile app development world. His skills in precision, patience in testing and debugging skills means he’s a team player and is always trying to create the best product.

In his free time, Jithin spends time hanging out with friends exploring new places. His discussions almost always include talking about ‘new innovations and cutting edge technologies.’ The next best past time is football and Jithin says he’s is a ‘true Barcelona’ fan.t cricket and boxing used to be his passions, but have now had to step aside for cuisine. Aneesh, fortunately, doesn’t show it around the waistline, because his vigilant wife hasn’t let him hack the refrigerator.