Divya Laroyia

Divya Laroyia

Chief Brand Officer

Divya Laroyia leads a team of accomplished UI/UX designers as they create ingenious designs and brand identities for our clients across South East Asia, Africa and our diverse regional market. From conceptualizing design ideas to mapping user journeys and then creating the best visual elements on websites and mobile apps, Divya has successfully managed them all.

Divya’s expertise comes in handy during ideation and development of Branding Workshops, Brand Concepts, Branding Design and design of corporate brochures.

She brings to the table 23 years’ experience of award winning television production, broadcast design and an in-depth understanding of the Indian broadcast and digital industry. From being the Producer for The World This Week to launching Star News and NDTV’s bouquet of news channels, she’s led the 150 member operations team of NDTV’s news network and also worked in setting up NDTV’s Media Training Institute.

Divya balances the crazy pace of the media world with reading, gardening, spending time with her children and making several attempts at learning the piano (not necessarily in that order). At work we often hear her say, “Enjoy what you do or don’t do it.” Followed by a, “If you can’t change it, don’t complain about it.” An infectious attitude, that somehow always gets us back on track on a low day.