Sakshi TV, Hyderabad

Channel Management:

After identifying Sakshi TV’s strengths and gaps across content, manpower and technology we offered them channel management services suited to their requirements. Intensive market research was undertaken to create show and news bulletin formats as well as presentation and packaging.
Broadcast Re-engineering:

We also re-engineered the operational and technical aspects of the channel, and suggested efficient workflows. Various training programs (PCR, graphics, video editors, ENG camera, news-desk, anchoring, and reporting) were conducted. The editorial training has been instrumental towards focused editorial planning and effective content delivery by the channel.
Channel Re-branding:

NDTV also rebranded the channel, giving it a distinctive edge through innovative packaging and an international design approach. Currently NDTV also advises and assists in efficient implementation of the graphics elements.
Brand Positioning Workshop:

The workshop, led by content expert - Dilshad Master - assisted the channel’s leadership in adopting the right positioning strategy for the channel. The programme comprised of various modules on channel positioning, brand ladder and group exercises.