Loyalty App

Matahari Department Store is one of Indonesia’s leading retailers of affordable fashion apparel, accessories, beauty products and homeware. It partners with trusted suppliers in Indonesia and overseas to deliver a compelling mix of fashion-forward, high quality merchandise that resonates with value conscious consumers. Matahari’s modern, spacious stores offer a dynamic and inspiring shopping experience that keeps customers coming back and has helped to make Matahari the preferred department store of Indonesia’s growing middle class.

As part of their loyalty programme the stores offered different types of loyalty cards to various customers. These were made of plastic and were to be carried by the customers while making purchases at the store.

NDTV Worldwide stepped in, designed and developed an ALL IN ONE Loyalty App that replaced the Loyalty cards. An ALL IN ONE solution, this app helped customers avail the benefits of the store, earn rewards on every purchase as well as redeem points while buying new products. All of this at just the touch of a button instead of a card in the bag all the time.