NDTV Worldwide delivered a cutting edge responsive Healthcare portal for FortisHealthcare.com. The website features intelligent IP detection to instantly direct a visitor to her home state’s Fortis hospital network, a intuitive and deeply researched UX strategy allows for very quick booking of appointments, scheduling tests or finding doctors and locations. An intelligent ticketing system built into the online Appointment module allows for MIS reports to be generated displaying the number of appointments requested, pending requests and those responded to. Optimised for SEO with deep page interlinking, URL structure, footer and content keywords integrated it is designed to leverage upon the growing trend of searches on Healthcare online. With Amazon as the hosting and CDN partner, the website load times and infrastructure design is optimised for cached database requests and very fast page load times.

With over 54 hospitals, 1200 doctors and 1500 Key Medical procedures integrated, the portal is a vast repository of information, knowledge and functionality all tied in seamlessly.