BBS, Bhutan


The Bhutan Broadcasting Service is a government owned broadcaster, offering both radio and television programming to the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is also the sole television service to broadcast from inside the Kingdom. Till a few years back, Bhutan was the only nation in the world to ban television & it was only in June 1999 that BBS, Bhutan’s very own television channel was launched. BBS now broadcasts in English and Bhutan's national language, Dzongkha.
BBS News sent a team of 6 senior editorial personnel, News Editors, Anchors, and Reporters for training to NDTV’s main broadcast facility in New Delhi. Most of them had worked with both the television & radio arm of BBS. The training spanned over 5 days and aimed at understanding the workflow inside a 24x7 newsroom with a focus on the functioning of NDTV channels from an editorial perspective.
The team from BBS was privy to daily editorial meetings where they understood the importance of daily planning and the importance each story demands on the channel in terms of airtime.
Sessions with the assignment leaders covered every little aspect of the department often called the key interlocutor in a television news station. Topics covered everything from preparing news lists, to tracking reporters and OB vans, coordination with bureaus and with the Output team.
During their session with the Output team, the BBS team was explained in detail the workflow of a story from planning to telecast – coordination with input and producers to deliver the best final product on air without compromising on quality. Award winning journalists like Nidhi Razdan and Vishnu Som of NDTV took the team through key aspects of anchoring & reporting. The BBS team was sent on field with senior NDTV reporters covering daily news stories across genres. These field visits helped the team to understand the process of research & shoot of stories as well as crucial aspects of LIVE reporting.
Sessions with anchors and producers of special