Election Services


From graphics design to set design, from workflows to software development, from conducting training to conceptualising shoots for various documentaries and feature stories, from live results on TV to Web and Mobile plus social media analytics - NDTV Worldwide conceptualised, organised and managed the biggest ever election coverage for Astro Awani, Malaysia.
To begin with NDTV Worldwide undertook the mammoth task of gathering all the historical data of the Malaysian General Elections held in 2004 and 2008, thus making Astro Awani the place for elections in Malaysia, with one of the largest historical databases. This helped Astro Awani expand its election coverage, not only during live events, but also helped them delve deeper into election analysis.
To help showcase this large database, NDTV Worldwide designed all the graphics elements used during election programming, including state of the art touchscreen graphics. We also helped in the conceptualizing of the election set, which included more than 4 sub-sets.
Our technology and operations team undertook the challenging task of executing the live election coverage from All Asia Broadcast Centre, a setup far away from Astro Awani. This meant that the various components in Astro Awani, like the Newsroom Computer System, graphics platforms, editing machines and their central storage, were all successfully extended to the remote location.