Ankit Agrawal

Ankit Agrawal

Senior Software Engineer

Ankit is the part of our backend development team. He joined us after having previously worked with the iBiBO Group and Network18. He’s help build products such as iBiBoRyde and News18 where he developed expertise over Web Services, API’s and server side technologies like PHP, Ruby, MySQL and Mongo dB.

He’s also a passionate developer who loves beautiful code and architecture and so he works extremely hard at writing code which is both maintainable and scalable in the long run. A team player, Ankit never hesitates in assisting his teammates and can be found guiding them on following best coding practices.

An introvert by nature, it’s tough to get Ankit chatty. But steer towards conversations that require his creative inputs and he talks non-stop.
He’s an enthusiastic worker and his co-workers call him ‘a machine.’ Ankit admits that working meticulously like a machine gives him energy to take on his next challenging task.

We’re still getting him to chat about what he does in his free time but rumour has it that he he likes reading blogs, watching BBC documentaries and TED Talks.