Aneesh Nair

CIO, NDTV Worldwide
CTO, MyHealth, MySchool & MyRetail

Aneesh speaks English & Hindi when he is not conversing in “Haskell, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, Java, C++, etc.” An alumnus of National Institute of Engineering & IIM-Ahmedabad and a hard-core security practitioner, he specializes in identifying and resolving information security threats.

Speaking of security, you may politely refrain from asking if he is a hacker. Should curiosity overcome you, be prepared for Aneesh’s quiet, but proud: “YES!”. Aneesh is an ethical hacker, and one with global standing. He hacks to de-stress, a fact that he no longer easily shares because of the stress it immediately causes in the room. His other preferred de-stress avenue is his children: two lovely daughters, both who fervently believe that their daddy is the smartest man in the world. Please don’t disagree with them, because sufficient evidence to make the case still hasn’t be found.

At work, Aneesh revels in strategy. Over the last 2 decades, in his various roles as CIO, CTO or Head – IT, Aneesh’s technical and strategic skills have allowed him to gain proficiency in all facets of delivering high availability business IT systems and enterprise applications. He has built highly successful information technology teams to achieve bottom line results for various organisations and their customers.

In the last 5 years, Aneesh has shifted from the manufacturing side of the industry to internet businesses. While working as Director IT & Group CTO at the Smile Group, he successfully scaled up the end-to-end eCommerce technology operations of 5 brands to handle over 10 million users, 100 million pageviews and over 100 terabytes of bandwidth consumption per month.

Ah yes, he would like to state for the record that cricket and boxing used to be his passions, but have now had to step aside for cuisine. Aneesh, fortunately, doesn’t show it around the waistline, because his vigilant wife hasn’t let him hack the refrigerator.

Industry Recognitions & Accolades – 2017

  1. CIO of the Year 2017 by BSE-CIO Klub IT Award
  2. CIO Power List 2017 – E-Commerce ICON by CORE
  3. India’s Top IT Security Influencers & Community Contributors by CISO Platform
  4. Winner – Big50 CIO Awards 2017 by Trescon
  5. 50 Most Influential e-Commerce Professionals of India by CMO Asia
  6. CIO100 Special Award Winner, Networking Pioneer by IDG