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by khushboo Begwani

5 tips for using smartphones while travelling

With smart phones bombarding our lives, it won’t be wrong to say that if you own a smartphone, you hold the superpower to travel the world – alone. Technology over the years has allowed travel planning and holiday experiences to be smarter, cost effective and more convenient.

Here’s how it works when you combine your travel with technology!

Plan long trips in a short time

Now flight bookings, hotel bookings, sightseeing tours booking, restaurant table bookings, curated experience bookings can be done online. Most websites and apps showcase user reviews allowing you to correctly pick exactly what you might need on that holiday.

No more paper needed

Apps and emails allow for all documents to be saved online thereby eliminating the need to carry bulk documentation especially when travelling abroad. While we still need to hold a physical passport at airports, pretty much everything else can be stored and used online.  Like airlines, hotels too are now looking at eliminating check in lines and physical cards.

Never get lost

Whether in India or any foreign destination, online or offline mode—smartphone maps will always lead you to where you want to go. There are apps that build customised travel itineraries mapping out exactly what to expect and how to use transportation to get there. So, fearlessly push the wanderer inside you, handpick the places where you want to eat and come back using the shortest route.

Capture and keep forever

With the quality of smartphone cameras getting every day, everyone is a photographer with very little effort. Select a filter, click pictures, edit, share on the spot, and store the memories.

Speak what the locals speak

Visiting a new place and difficulty in communicating  could dampen the spirit of travelling. But, technology has got you covered there too. Language apps like Duolingo help you learn basic phrases and lines in a foreign language.

Essential Apps you might need for that trip –

Booking apps: Many booking apps today allow both flight and hotel bookings. So ensure you have a booking app on your phone when you start planning. The app then stores all the details of the trip thereby easing the stress often associated with booking hotels and flights.

Maps: Maps are your travel partners like no one else. With options like local transport (Metro trains and buses) available on map apps, you can pick and choose your mode of transport depending on your mood. Google Maps and/or Waze are the most popular maps that should be on your phone

Taxi apps: A taxi booking app like Uber or Ola in India, GrabTaxi in South East Asia, Lyft in the USA offer travelers options of rides and ride sharing. In India, redBus allows for bus bookings on the go for those spontaneous travel plans

Itinerary planners: Itinerary planning apps are like invisible tour guides that not only escort you through popular tourist spots but also throw up some hidden gems. Apps like Visit a City, Triposo let you create personal itineraries that can be stored and viewed offline too.

Currency converters: If you’re travelling on a budget to several foreign cities and need to be aware of fluctuations, currency converting apps like XE-Currency let you do it relatively hassle free.


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5 tips for using smartphones while travelling